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The management and employees of Craig & Heidt are firmly committed to achieving only the highest quailty of work in all facets of our business.  This is accomplished through open communication, teamwork, and constant improvement.  This philosophy has been in place since our company's inception.


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The basic elements are as follows:

  1. Developing close working relationships with our customers to work as a team in order to complete the project.
  2. Conform with and adhere to all design plans and specifications.  If deemed substandard by our experience, inform the customer of the relative merits of alternatives.
  3. Execute all work in a safe manner - we cannot achieve quality without safety.
  4. Establish site specific QA/QC plans and programs as needed to meet the customer's requirements.
  5. Perform regular field inspections of the work in progress by a member of company management.
  6. Use only first quality materials.  Fully investigate new or alternative material types or sources prior to their use.
  7. Employ independent testing laboratories as necessary to perform standardized tests which cannot be performed in house.  Recognize the limitations of these tests as they relate to the overall quality of the project or system.
  8. Require of our new employees a commitment to perform quality work.  This is a major basis for their salary evaluation and review.
  9. Provide education and training to employees and customers as new materials, methods, and systems are developed and perfected.
  10. Take immediate action to correct all deficiencies and substandard work.
  11. Provide a guarantee equal to or exceeding industry standard.



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