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Sea Center Texas - TxDOT Brazoria County

2011 Excellence in Construction Merit Award Recipient

The objective of this project was to repair and pave a series of access roads at a working coastal fishery facility.  The facility is Sea Center Texas and is owned and operated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  The project was bid and contracted by the Texs Department of Transportation.  The roads form a network and are used to access the 36 fishery ponds where the fish are raised.  Eash pond is about one acre in size and the entire work site encompassed about 44 acres.  The existing roads consisted of gravel and dirt and were in extremely poor condition.  The large holes, mud and rough surface were having a negative impact on the mobility and productivity of the staff in carrying out their duties.  Furthermore, there were increased maintenance costs for their vehicles and trailers.  The completion of this project has made a positive impact on the operations at the fishery.  The total length of the completed roads is about 10,800 feet, or about 2 miles.

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